The Bondgate

The Bondgate is the journal of the Alnwick and District Local History Society.

The following is an index of the main features in each of the issues. These are all all available for sale in the Bailiffgate Museum shop.

No 1, spring 2008

W Davison, Printer & Dispenser of History by Andy Griffin

St Andrew’s Mission Hall by Marjorie Brown

From Place of Worship to Bailiffgate Museum by Sister Bridget Loughlin

Researching St Oswald’s Way by Peter Carter

The Alnwick Poor Law Project by Dilys Carter

No 2, autumn 2008

A Towering Success (Brizlee Tower) by Andy Griffin

A Brief History of Our Lady’s Convent High School by Sister Bridget Loughlin

The Abbey of St Mary at Alnwick by Peter Carter

No 3, spring 2009

How Gas came to Alnwick by Denis Dalby

Where there’s a will: The Smithsonian Inheritance by Andy Griffin

Discovering Local Pillboxes by Joanne Hume

No 4, autumn 2009

George Rogerson (Ex-miner) in conversation with Andy Griffin

Alnwick 40 Years Ago by Joanne Hume

Growing-up in Alnwick during 1940 and 1950 by Gloria Thompson

Recollections of a 1940’s Childhood in Swarland by Ann Turnbull

Taking two horses to London – in 1816

No 5, spring 2010

The world’s finest fishing tackle by Hardy of Alnwick by John Johnson

Alnwick before the Normans by Peter Carter

James Landells by Marjorie Brown

40 years on – a celebration of the Societies 40th Anniversary

No 6, autumn 2010

Northumberland’s Nile Park by Vera Vaggs

The First of the Percys by Andy Griffin

Eustace Fitz John, Lord of Alnwick by Peter Carter

No 7, spring 2011

Banks, Bears & Bulls: a History of Alnwick’s old Savings Bank Building & its occupants by Mike Maunder

When did you last look closely at the pulpit in Alnmouth Church? By Alistair Sinton

The Nettleship Family by Joanne Hume

The Marauding Malcolms by Andy Griffin

No 8, autumn 2011

From Abernathy to Alnwick by Andy Griffin

Thomas Chrisp 1892-1917 by Jane Glass

Eustace de Vesci & King John by Peter Carter

No 9, spring 2012

Thomas Chrisp 1892-1917, part 2 by Jane Glass

Number 1, Clayport Street by Marjorie Brown

Alnwick viewpoint, spring 1912* by Andy Griffin

No 10, autumn 2012

Thomas Chrisp 1892-1917, part 3 by Jane Glass

Historians of Alnwick 1: The Alnwick Abbey Chronicler by Peter Carter

Alnwick Viewpoint, autumn 1912 by Andy Griffin

No 11, spring 2013

The Reivers: a time of fear and mayhem by Donald Hazelhurst

Historians of Alnwick 2: M R G Conzen by Peter Carter

Alnwick Viewpoint, spring 1913 by Andy Griffin

No 12, autumn 2013

Isabella de Vesci: a powerful medieval woman and her times by Peter Carter

From the Archives 1: Denwick Village by David Graham

Alnwick Viewpoint, autumn 1913 by Andy Griffin

No 13, spring 2014

The New Museum by Peter Carter

John Burnett 1842-1914 by Andy Griffin

Bull Baiting in Alnwick by Marjorie Brown

Alnwick Viewpoint, spring 1914 by Andy Griffin

Research Note: Alnwick Castle

No 14, autumn 2014

Rough Justice – 19th Century Style by Peter Lawther

A seat, a bronze tablet and the Soldier’s Rest Rooms by Marjorie Brown

The Auxiliary units around Alnwick by Ian Hall

The Society’s visit to Catcleugh Reservoir by Peter Lawther

Alnwick Viewpoint, autumn 1914 by Andy Griffin

No 15, spring 2015

The Trouble with Harry: Henry Percy and the Boleyn betrothal by Andy Griffin

The nearest run thing you ever saw by Dudley George

Alnwick Viewpoint, spring 1915 by Andy Griffin

The defences of Alnwick in World War 2 by Ian Hall

No 16, autumn 2015

Strawberries: The Secret of the Moor by Phil Huntley

The St Hilda window at the Bailiffgate Museum by Andy Griffin

Magna Carta: how important was the role of Eustace de Vesci? By Peter Carter

Alnwick Viewpoint, autumn 1915 by Andy Griffin

No 17, spring 2016

Alnwick – A Typical town in the First World War? By Dudley George

‘Blessed’ Thomas Percy by Andy Griffin

Chibburn Preceptory: bandages and pirates by Phil Huntley

Alnwick Viewpoint, spring 1916 by Andy Griffin

No 18, autumn 2016

The Oldest Bible in the World by Peter Carter

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot by Andy Griffin

Craster, Tibet and Craster Harbour by Phil Huntley

Alnwick Viewpoint, autumn 1916 by Andy Griffin

Every magazine also contains various local book reviews.

*This is the first of a new series that will describe events of 100 years ago – particularly as seen in the columns of the Northumberland Gazette.