41-43 Bondgate Within

Grade II Listed: HE Record

This building once housed, the Alnwick and County Stores run by Joseph Sanderson and his brother Henry This was a grocery, wines and spirits business founded in the mid-19th century by Henry Sanderson senior, and originally located in Narrowgate.

Alnwick and County Stores ca. 1900 – from the Bailiffgate Collection

He went on to acquire more property in Alnwick including the Corn Exchange of which he was the sole proprietor in 1880.

In 1885 he handed over the business to his sons.

H. Sanderson’s grandson, James was a gifted photographer.

The structure was eventually divided to accommodate individual proprietors. This
section served as the retail outlet for Hepworth’s, a thriving national chain of men’s clothing shops, with a strong line in ready-made and made-to-measure suits.

In 1864 Joseph Hepworth went into business as a tailor in Leeds. By 1881 his factory employed 500. The company innovated by establishing shops to sell their suits direct to
the public. By 1890 they employed 2,000 operatives who sold their stock through 107 shops and by 1917 became the largest clothing manufacturer in the United Kingdom.
The shop around 1996 – from the Bailiffgate Collection