Alnwick Heritage

The recent Historical Maps of Alnwick and Alnmouth project brought together a lot of heritage information, much of which, due to the limitations of space, couldn’t be used within the map itself. After the publication of the map, the team thought that some effort should be made to try and preserve, and expand, the historical information that had been collected, and might otherwise be lost. A website has been created which it is hoped will:

  • A source of information for anyone interested in the heritage of Alnwick, and
  • A place where people can record more history, whether this be from their experiences, or form further research.

The link below will take you to the webpage. If you might be interested in being part of a team to keep this up to date, please get in touch.

Alnwick Heritage

What is the Project?

The project’s aim is to provide a way of local residents engaging with the heritage of Alnwick. By providing a website that can be easily edited, volunteers can add to an expanding record of the town’s history; new research, personal memories, interesting facts – anything that tells the story of Alnwick.

What and the Jobs?

The jobs are wide and varied. They include:

  • The stories we have need adding to – this can be by editing the page, or posting comments on each page.
  • Some of the stories need tidying up – the content sometimes comes from a number of sources, and is sometimes just a statement. Some editing is needed to make them easier to read.
  • Images are needed to make the pages more interesting. Do you have any that could be used?
  • The gaps will highlight areas where knowledge is lacking, and maybe research could be fruitful.
  • The website is based on WordPress – and we are not making the most of this system. Do you want to learn? Or do you already have some experience?
  • The maps need developing. Again, do you want to learn? Or have experience?

Project Roles

There are a number of roles envisaged. Individuals can take on any combination of these roles. You could, for example, write down your own story (Storyteller and Author), create maps to illustrate your story (Mapper), add all of this to the website (Editor). and help with running the site (Administrator). Alternatively, you might take on just one role. You don’t need to be a ‘historian’ – just someone interested in the town’s heritage.

  1. Storyteller; recounting stories that you know, which can be recorded by ‘authors’,
  2. Author; writing down either your own stories and researches or those of others, for adding to the website by ‘editors’,
  3. Mapper; creating and editing maps for inclusion in the website,
  4. Editor; adding stories and images to the website,
  5. Administrator; looking after the website.

Training will be able to be given in any of these roles. And if no-one in the team has the experience, it will be sought elsewhere.