Northumberland Churchyards
The Headstones and Memorials

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Many of the Headstone summaries have a table of names at the top – you can click a name to take you straight to that item and click “Top” to take you back to the index.

To list the Names in the Headstone Inscriptions – select the churchyard:

The names are listed by Surname. In the “Type” column, H are Headstones, P pavement slabs, M memorial plaques


To list the Parish Registers – select the churchyard and Register:

Burials Registers (listed by Surname) :


To display the Headstone Summaries, select a churchyard:

Within the church, Pav is for the pavement slabs, Mem is the Memorial plaques.
Mil is the Military headstones and memorials, Gdn is the Garden Of Remembrance wall plaques, Chl the cholera headstones.


If you would like any further information please contact the Secretary (see Contacts) who will pass your enquiry on.