58-60 Bondgate Within

Grade II Listed: HE Record

This building has strong connections with Alnwick Abbey, founded in 1147 and in existence until 1539. It is said that after a fire, stones from the abbey were used in erecting this medieval structure. It was then used as a Guest House for the Abbey, where in the tradition of monastic hospitality, travellers were welcomed and given aid.

In 1952 Historic England designated this a Grade II Listed Building, noting the Percy Lion and Crescent that appear to the right of the casement window.

The Percy Lion

Scott’s Ironmongers once occupied these premises. In keeping with the theme of providing assistance to travellers, three travel agents have occupied this building. AT Mays originated when the owners began selling railway tickets from a small shop in Saltcoats, Scotland.

AT Mays closed in 1988

In September 2019 Thomas Cook and Sons was acquired by Hays Travel.