Alndyke Farm

Tate: Alndike, a farm, containing 186ac. 0r. 32p. of good arable soil valued at .£270 10s. yearly,- is made up of parcels of land in the town fields, which formerly belonged to several owners. “1611 item bestowed of Wm. Grene when he did go to Berwick about Heldyck closes, where he had the promises of Mistress Gaston to have the first offer of the same to the Towne of Alnwick 5s.” Clement Forster, an Alnwick merchant, in 1663 held Aledlke, valued at £20 yearly ; Low Heldike close belonged in 1676 to John Forster ; Edward and Mary Strother held Low Aledike grounds in 1676 ; and in 1709 we have Renold Forster, of Alewater dike.