Barndale House

Built 1852-3 by Thomas Robertson of Alnwick, on land known as “Barndale Ridge”. Altered in 1903 by J. W. Douglas.

Occupied in 1857 and 1860 by Hugh and Isabella Moises, who changed their surname to Lisle (Isabella’s maiden name).

Occupied in 1872 by Captain Charles Gandy (1st King’s Dragoon Guards, married Mrs. Dorothy Jane Gandy, died 1880, aged 40)

Occupied in 1912 by Barker Cresswells

Offered for sale in 1939 by Estate Office, Alnwick Castle as a Detached Residence, situated in own grounds, containing 3 Reception Rooms, 4 Bedrooms, Dressing Room, 3 Maids’ Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen and usual domestic offices, double garage, 2 Stall Stable. Kitchen and Flower Gardens, Hard Tennis Court, Greenhouse, Gas and Electric, also excellent gardener’s cottage with garden. The house and gardens are in excellent order. Vacant 24th June, 1939.

Considered as fever hospital for Whooping Cough among evacuees. Used as hostel for evacuees, from Newcastle, 1939. Considered as nursery school 1943. Purchased by county in 1950 for use as Nursery School. Now a special school.