Bog Mill Farm

Tate: The modern name of one of the corporation farms, is a translation of part of its old name, Ranwell Strother for Strother signifies a marsh or bog. As early as 1613 it is in the corporation accounts called “the boege” on November 23rd the bogg is demised and letten to Gawen Salkeld for one whole year at the rent of fifty-three shillings and fourpence and in 1633 the Bogg and Broadheas were let on a lease at a rental of £3 6s. 8d. ; the value gradually rises, and in 1662 the rent was £6, and in 1673 £8 yearly. The clerk of the corporation in 1694 had not been a profound mathematician ; for he chronicles the following order, making a unit to consist of a unit and a half: Jan 31 1694 — The Chambcerlains and Four-and-Tweny demised the title of the Bogg and Broad heps unto Mr. Mark Forster, on half unto Mr. Richard Strother, on Quarter to Mr Matt. Alnwick and Wm Gair on quarter betwixt them paying tho yearly rents of £8.” To these lands two closes were added by purchase of Matlhew Alnwick in 1696, for the sum of £50, partly for the purpose of investing £40, which had been left to the poor of the town by Hugh Potter. Tho conveyance of these closes “to the present Chamberlains, their heirs, and assigns for ever,” written by Ralph Grieve, cost tho corporation 8s. ; they are described ” as lying within the ‘Town fieldes of Alnwicke; the one within tho Town’s Bogs, known by the name Boge close; the other, within the said Town’s fields, called the Broad Heap Close or Pye Cruck Close, next Stanley Flat on the south-east.”

With this addition the Bog and Broad Heaps, containing 38 acres 1 rood 33 porches, were let in 1690 at £11 yearly, the rent of the two closes being £3 ; so that at this time land was purchased at 16 2/3 of its yearly rental, about one half of its present value. In the course of half a century the rental was doubled, for in 1741 the rent was £22 15s. 0d. ; at which it stood still for thirty-eight years. Stanley Flats were added to this farm in 1700 ; but since then 2ac. 1r. 1p. -were taken from it and conveyed by tho corporation to the North-Eastern Railway Company for £438 10s. This farm containing 61ac. 1r. 9p. is now let for £160 yearly.