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Ingram, St. Michael and All Angels Church
Headstone Summaries

The village of Ingram lies in the Breamish Valley. A church probably stood here since before the Norman Conquest but is now the 12th-century parish church of St Michael and All Angels. The church was badly damaged many times during the Border Wars that raged in this area throughout the 14th-16th centuries. The church was finally restored in 1879 but it retains many of its original medieval features.

Further down the valley to the east is Brandon Chapel of Ease of which nothing remains but a few stones outlining the foundation wall.

The Summaries are listed alphabetically by the Surname of the First Name in the inscription. Select a letter:

Within the church, Pav is for the pavement slabs, Mem is the Memorial plaques.
Mil is the Military headstones and memorials.

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