Freeman Hill Farm


The 6th day of December, 1710 — It is agreed by the Chamberlains and Four and Twenty of this Town and Borough of Alnwick, that the Chamberlains shall lette to farm, to such persons as they think Convenient, such reasonable parcels of Alnwick Moor on the south and west side of the far moor house, as the said Chamberlains together with Mr Mark Forster, Mr Thomas Woodhouse, Mr Wm. Stanton, Matt. Scott, Edw. Stanley, Henry Harrison and John Strother shall think convenient, and shall also Lett to farm a piece of ground on the south east side of Hobberlaw green, to such person or persons as the Chamberlains with the said Mark Forster &c or any of them shall think fitt; before the premises be lett to farme another Four and Twenty is to be called

Freeman Hill inclosure, containing about 400 acres, was in 1711 let to John Archbold, of Cawledge Park, one of the bailiffs of the lord of the manor, for 15 years, at a rent of £10 the first year and £20 afterward, the Chamberlains consenting to build a good and sufficient Sitthouse and Byar; but Archbold had to lead all materials, and also inclose the premises. Wm. Morrison and others in 1757 took this farm for fifteen years, paying £400 as consideration of the loan, a peppercorn rent for 6 years and £80 yearly during the remainder of the term. Freeman Hill and Far Moor House along with 92ac. ;32p. of heather land set off from Alnwick Moor, purchased in 1853 by the corporation from the Inclosure commissioners and in all 701 acres, are now let as one farm at the yearly rent of £280