Golden Moor

Tate: Golden moor farm contaning 166 ac 1r 39p and now let at a rental of £203 16s 0d was part of Denwick Common. On the Cockhouse field were a house and ground enclosed by a high wall devoted to the breeding of game cocks; other fields were called the Harvers; the Abey Lees the Bought Knowes, reom enoll A.S. a small rounded hill and bocht Teut an inclosure used in the north for a pen in which ewes were milked:

At boughts in the morning

Nae blyth lads were scorning – Flowers of the forest

The sub-strata are sandstone, shale and coal and limestone ; in the Kiln field, half a century ago, a coal scam six feet thick was worked — one of the thickest in the Mountain Limestone formation ; and a limestone, too, which contains many fossils. The soil varies much, .some parts being light and sandy, others gravelly and clayey, and others a light moor land, Mossy Field and Lough Field indicate an ancient lake.