Greensfield Farm

Tate: Greensfield In 1569 Wm Bednell , George Metcalfe and Wm. Green held 80 acres of arable land in Greensfield; Mark Forster, in 1709 held Greensfield, which before belonged to Robt. Green; in the old bounder of the moor we have both Robert Green’s land and Greensfield; Greensland in 1709 was held by Timothy Punshon. The modern farm of Greensfield, containing 240ac. of arable and 208ac. of pasture land, includes parcels of land formerly held by various owners, with a considerable area from the ancient Cawledge Park. The basaltic whin sill crosses it in the western and higher parts ; and where it is quarried the metamorphosing influence of this volcanic rock may be seen on the subjacent shale, which is converted into porcellanite. On these higher grounds the soil over gravel is of a good quality ; but in the lower grounds towards the east, where there are clay and sand, it is inferior, though now much improved by drainage. Ferney beds, Foxes holes, and Strawberry beds and other names of fields are probably modern ; but there are also the Firth, and the Hurst, which is from hriostr old Norse, a thicket or wood producing fodder for cattle.