Hulne Priory Mills

Hulne Priory was one of the first Carmelite houses to be established in England. Founded in approximately 1240, it was built for 24 friars. The chief endowment for the friary came from John de Vescy. After dissolution in 1539 the church was destroyed

From Tate:

  • There was the mill of Hulne Abbey, enjoyed by the monks from a charter of John de Vescy, granting them the privilege of building a mill upon their own area, to grind their corn without multure, and of making a watercourse from the great water of the Aln. This mill stood at the bottom of the Abbey Hill ; long ago it was taken down, but its site is still traceable.
  • Not far from this (Hulne Abbey Corn Mill), on the south side of the Aln, was a fulling mill.

Thomas Wilkin Plan of Hulne Park (1770)

  • Hill on opposite (south) side of the river is called Walk Mill Hill