Metal Working

There is documentary evidence of rent paid for an iron foundry or forge in Alnwick in 1296 (Tate 1866, 86). Its location is not known. Two goldsmiths and two locksmiths are listed in the Lay Subsidy Roll of 1296, evidence for the presence of specialist metal working trades in the town (Fraser 196

Bower’s Brass and Iron Foundry

Pigot’s directory of 1834 lists William Bower as Brass and Iron Founder in Stonewell Lane.

  • OS 1851 site still operating includes Moulding Shop, Engine House, Sand House, with Smithy and Joiners Shop. Also on 1922 map.
  • OS 1866 sheet 5 shows Bowey’s foundry off Stonewell Lane opposite Tannery.

Advert in Alnwick Mercury paper Wanted apprentice for moulding shop apply John Bowey Ironfounder, Alnwick. 1851 OS map shows Bowey’s Foundry includes Moulding House, Engine Hs, Smithy and Sand Hs, Joiners shop is adjacent (don’t know if separate establishment). Situated at junction of two Stonewell Lanes.

Michael Brankston 43 Clayport.

Alnwick Foundry

Catalogue of 1910 made pre-fabricated iron framed buildings (houses), established 1837 (Bailiffgate Museum site) name on man hole cover that was in Bow Alley. Later had offices abroad too.

Kellys 1894 Alnwick Foundry & Eng Co. Robertson & Co Iron Founders Bow Alley.


Pigot 1834 lists 15 blacksmiths