Moor House Farm

Tate: Far Moor House Farm is on the south part of the moor, about three miles from the town. At first it contained about 200 acres and was conjoined with the herdship of the moor ; in 1710 it was let for 7 years at a rental of £112, the tenant being allowed to depasture 12 stints on the far moor. With an additional 10 acres it was let in 1744 for 13 years, at a rent of £33 for the two first years and £36 for the remainder of the term, the tenant having also the privilege of depasturing 20 stints of horses and black cattle and 10 stints of sheep on the Town Moor. This farm in 1772 contained 250 acres 2r. 22p., and was let at a rent of £110, to Thomas Horsley, gentleman, of St Margaret’s