Pickwick Inn & Brewery

Neither the Inn nor the Brewery appears on Wood’s map of 1827. However, there is a lane that can be traced, following roughly the line from Bondgate Within to Green Batt that appears on later maps as Pickwick Lane.

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club by Charles Dickens was published by Chapman and Hall in serial form between March 1836 and October 1837. It quickly became popular, and was published in book form in 1837.

The first references to Alnwick’s Pickwick Inn date from the Whellan Directory of 1855. We have not been able to find any earlier references to Pickwick Lane, so presumably this gained its name from the Inn and Brewery. They next appear in the 1858 Post Office Directory. Here they are associated with the name Robert Charlton (brewer and stonemason). The Pickwick Inn also appears on the 1866 OS map. The 1879 Post Office Directory associated the Pickwick with the landlord John Nolan. In 1887 the licence was transferred from John Nolan to John Albon, and in 1890 the licence transferred to Richard Brown Taylor. By 1891 the Pickwick was listed by the Morpeth Herald as one of the pubs in Alnwick that had closed.