Pipe Works Craneway at Howick

In the 1920s a pipe works was established adjacent to the Howick Quarry to build large diameter pipes for drainage and sewerage.  A rail system, more correctly referred to as a ‘craneway’, on which two self-propelled cranes were the only motive power. The craneway still appeared on the 1970s Ordnance Maps but were removed around this time and all evidence of the cranes and rails has disappeared.  The works, now operated by F.P. McCann Ltd., continues to manufacture concrete pipes, inspection chambers , manholes and ancillary products, which are all distributed by large articulated road lorries.

This is the only known photograph of the pipe works craneway at Howick, showing, in the foreground, a large concrete moulding sitting on a flat wagon, with one of the two cranes a short distance away along the standard-gauge track.