Shrove Tuesday Football

Played since `time immemorial`, records go back to 1762 when the game was played in the streets and outskirts of the town. It is plausible that the game’s origins go back to when Alnwick became a walled town in the 1480s, with play in the town’s fields before being driven to the streets when space ran out, space taken by the growth of industry and tanning in particular. With the Town Improvement Act finally being recognised just prior to the 1828 game the tradition was saved by the 3rd Duke providing land in the North Demesne. An early mention of football in the town also appears on a map of Hulne Priory in 1623 with the name Foote Ball Hill.

According to Tate the Pasture or North Demesne was used since time immemorial (again) where the young and old gathered generation after generation to play their ancient games and favourite ‘gamesome’ exercises.

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