St Margaret’s

ate: St. Margaret’s a manor or grange, three miles south-west of the the town, adjoining Rugley and Alnwick moor, and containing an area of 148 acres and belonged to Alnwick Abbey. It appears to have been given by William de Vesey who some time between 1157 and 1185 granted to the abbey one carcute of land in the vill of Rugley and the toft and croft pertainnig to it, with rights of common in the pasture belonging to the vill of Rugley and in the pasture Swynley. In 1540 one manor called Seyntt Margaretts was in the tenure of Edmund Urpeth, at the yearly rent of 66s 8d at the will of the king, Queen Elizabeth granted it on January 22nd, 1582, to George Cummingsby for the term of forty-one years; and in 1609 it was in possession of Mr. Paschall, gentleman, as tenant.