St Michael’s Guild

St Michael’s Guild for young men was formed around 1878. The Guild Hall was erected at the foot of Northuberland Street, opposite St Michael’s Church, in 1888 by the Duke of Northumberland, and made available to the Guild at a nominal rent. It was  built on the site of the former library, which had moved here from Fenkle Street.

In 1919 the Guild Hall was converted to a club for the Alnwick Branch of the Comrades of the Great War. This had been founded as an alternative to other associations for ex-servicemen, and a “buttress against bolshevism”. Its leader,  Conservative MP  Wilfred Ashley, was secretary of the Anti-socialist Union. Comrades of The Great War was one of the four ex-service associations that amalgamated in 1921 to form the British Legion.

The building is now a nursery school.