Stoney Hills Farm

Tate: Stoney Hill 1652 church reg a farm containing 68ac 3r 24p of good land, let at an annual retal of £201 They belonged to Thos Metcalfe, merchant in 1692, to Wm Stanton in 1695 who sold his two-thirds to George Potts; Matthew Alnwick had possession of them in 1708; subsequently they belonged to Miss Grey, afterwards to Thos Adams, an Alnwick attorney, next to H C Selby, and afterwards to Prideaux Selby who sold them in 1866 to the Duke of Northmberland. Tho basaltic whin sill passes through them. An ornamental tower, built by Thomas Adams, stands upon then ; and at a little distance from this, on higher ground, and within an Ancient British camp, J. C. Selby erected an elegant column to commemorate the policy of Pitt, the victories of Nelson and Wellington over the Frouch, and the restoration of peace in 1814.