Brick and Tile Works

The tile works stood north of the turnpike road to Rothbury. It appears on early maps as a Brick Works, but on this enclosure map (from the 1840s) and on OS maps from the 1860s it is shown as a Tile Works.

Until 1873 it was operated as a partnership between William Hall and Robert Creighton, who also had brick and tile works at Learchild, Chatton, Beanley, Ovenstone, Elsdon, Shilbottle, Hedley Wood, Newton on the Moor, Longhoughton, Warkworth and Sunniside (and a farm on St Thomas Lands). The partnership was dissolved in 1873, and the works continued by William Hall. Until the early 1880’s he advertised bricks, drainage tiles, crushed bricks, and offered to lay concrete flooring for dwellings, schools, stables, barns, warehouses, etc. in 1883 the tilery must have closed, because the machinery and plant was offered at auction. This included Whitehead’s Double Box Pipe Machine, Clayton’s Hand Brick Press, Potters’ Wheel, Dies, Lifters, Rollers, Cutters, Planks, Barrows, etc. a couple of sheds, a Vertical Steam Engine and Boiler, connected to a Brick Crushing Machine.

Some buildings and tracks remain on OS maps surveyed in the 1890s, but it is no longer marked as a works.

Isabella Turner (Alnwick Moor) on Pigot Trade Directory 1834 (brick Tile maker). 1762 William Renwick, George Turner