Turk’s Head

Shown in Wood’s maps of 1827, but said to date from 1719 or 1792.

For sale in 1818: “LOT: All that extensive and well-accustomed INN, known the sign of the Turk’s Head, in Alnwick aforesaid, together with cellars, stables, and a garden, according a plan and specification. LOT: All that range of HOUSES on the west side of the Turk’s Head Yard, consisting of two dwelling houses, two stables, and an extensive loft or granary, together with a garden, according to a plan, subject to conditions be produced the sale

In 1832 Elizabeth Brown advertised that it had been rebuilt with stabling, a gig-house and accoomodation. It was the destination of the Courier coach from Newcastle, which arrived at 1:00 and left at 2:00 p.m.

Demolished in 1966.