Waterside House

ate: Waterside House farm, on the north side of the Aln, eastward of Denwick road, has an area of 210ac. 0r. 7p., of which 115ac. are in old grass, 17ac. 3r. 20p. have been in grass since 1861, and the remainder is in tillage ; the rental is £282 10s. On the north are the Maudlin and Cows-law hills ; but the principal area is flat ground along the river side. The soil generally is light and sandy, some of which is good and part loamy; and about 50 acreas are peaty. A lake had formerly covered these flat grounds extending from near Denwick Bridge down to Denwick mill, and from the base of the Maudlin hills to the hilly ground skirting Windy Edge and Alndike, being about a mile long and somewhat more than a mile bi’oad, but contracting in width, where the Cowslaw and Alndike close in, and form a narrow gorge at the outlet of river; it had been about 50 foot above tho present level of the river. According to an old map, a small lake, stocked with fish, was near to Waterside house about 250 yeura ago. The sub-soil does not give the same section over the whole; but generally we have a peaty, sandy soil of 16 inches, and then peat from two to more than four foot in which are large oak trees and smaller stems and branches of alder, marl of a few inches very calcareous, but in which I could detect no organisms, and then gravel and running sand. The rock below is sandstone ; and the hilly ground are gravel and sand. On the north-west corner a field, now the Pot Field, is in an ancient survey called the Church close.