In 1815, a dispensary has established in a house on Fenkle Street. In 1819 it was moved to Wingrove House on Dispensary Street. This became an infirmary in 1849, providing wards as well as a dispensary.

By 1877 it was recognised that treating infectious diseases alongside a dispensary was not ideal, and a new Fever Hospital was opened on the edge of town, off Wagonway Road.

Alnwick Union Workhouse had a hospital, but the infirmary on Dispensary Street remained Alnwick’s principal hospital until the new Alnwick Infirmary was opened in 1908.

By 1909 an Isolation Hospital was opened. This was three miles south of Alnwick, and intended for treatment of Smallpox.

The town has had a number of pharmacies, including Newbiggin.

In 1982, Sterling Winthrop opened a new research centre. This is now part of Quotient Scientific.